The School recognizes that designers play a significant role in society.  Therefore, in addition to developing creativity and providing academic degrees, it strives to impart the many life skills needed to become talented focused professionals in today's rapidly-changing world.  The School prepares students to be discerning visual thinkers, ethical practitioners and design teachers of the next generation. 


The Department of Graphic Design – Visual Communication

The School's flagship, offers a wide range of specialist programs developed to prepare artistic and imaginative individuals to meet the demands of their chosen professions. The courses in graphic design respond to today's increasing demand for skilled graduates in digital, electronic and multimedia fields. Also offered are art courses in basic skills such as painting and drawing, and those that explore media, techniques, form and color.

The Department of Architecture

Utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide a balanced professional education with strong design and technical preparation.  Students are encouraged to seek solutions to the challenges posed by present and future trends while respecting the traditions and historical influences of the past. The graduates are fully-fledged architects recognized by the Registrar of Architects & Engineers.    

The Department of Fashion Design

Develops each student's talents and interests, emphasizing innovation, creativity, and technical skills that answer the needs of the fashion industry
Fashion management & marketing tools have recently been introduced to the curriculum to further prepare the students on-route to the current professional world.

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The Department of Photography, Media & Non Fiction Film

Embraces the diversity of influences, ideas and techniques that underlie contemporary practice. Students learn technical skills for black and white and color photography, digital photography, studio work and computer generated  animation, and are also trained in industrial & fashion photography.
The Non-Fiction Film studies aim to train ultimate film-makers who will master all tools of art and craft. At this time and age, when the video camera and digital editing are at the finger-tip of every person, the School has introduced a program composed of practical workshops in all areas of film-making led by Masters of Cinematography, destined to train the next generation of artists who will be involved with the community.


The Department of Economics & Management

The department`s goal is to form an academic and professional hub for excel students.  The department uniqueness is in the interdisciplinary combination of education, business, entrepreneurship and economics areas all forming a special academic route to the day after academy – to education; to business or to graduate degrees. Also, each student will be eligible to teach at high schools in various areas – accounting, economics, marketing and more.  


The School's faculty is active teaching-oriented individuals, as well as creative professionals. Many are acclaimed in their fields, and participate in artistic activities (including exhibitions, master-classes and workshops) in Israel and abroad. They interact with their students in small, hands-on classes, and freely share their own real-life experiences.